Affiliate marketing means you don’t have to create your own product in order to sell something and make money for selling right away. It’s the fastest way to the cash when considering how to make money on line.

There’s no question, having your own product and selling it provides much more income than selling someone else’s product. After all, they formed the product and put their blood, sweat, and tears into something you didn’t come up with at all. They should get the higher percentage.

But, they don’t always choose to do it that way. There are some merchants that give 100% of the sales price to the affiliate marketer (admittedly, these are usually low end prices of less than $20 per unit or service). When you get into bigger purchases like puts out, then 1/3 of the sales price could equal like 100 sales of a 100% commission in the lower end.

Why would they do that? Not hang on to any of the profit? Because they are going to upsell once the first purchase is made and the affiliate is getting that done because the affiliate is getting all the money upfront.

There are loads of rabbit trails in the field of affiliate marketing. If pays to know what some of those are.

Straight forward Affiliate Agreement

A straight and simple affiliate agreement goes like this: Here’s the product price, the affiliate gets 20%, if the buyer baulks now and doesn’t purchase but returns within 60 days then the sale is still the original affiliate (some technical things have to be just right for this to happen). You get paid net 30 days so that refunds don’t cause the affiliate a chargeback (having to return commissions because the original purchase falls through).

Common Affiliate Starter Positions

Amazon is known the world over. They have an affiliate program. You can conduct a search engine search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) for Amazon Affiliate and read all you care to know about the opportunity. Many people begin their affiliate experiences right there.

Clickbank is very well known on the internet among US based (and many other countries) affiliates. Again, a search engine query will get you right where you want to be.

Both Amazon and Clickbank have ample video instruction on how to participate as an affiliate. Just give yourself some time, keep coming back to it time and again, and you’ll see the picture come into focus.

Both Amazon and Clickbank provide a percentage of the sales price as your affiliate commission. Typically, Amazon pays much less (under 6%) and Clickbank pays much more (as high as 70 to 80% commissions).

Basic Strategies To Affiliate Marketing

First, you must have a means to reach potential buyers.

  • Some do this through an existing list of email contacts, or Facebook friends, or Instagram followers, or just about any virtual or physical list of friends, family, neighbors, associates, fellow workers, coworkers, acquaintances, or habitual contacts (club members, church members, fellow patrons at movies/grocery stores/hangouts).
  • Others create the contact:
    • Build a website
    • Buy a website
    • Setup a blog
    • Provide guest posts on blogs
    • Buy advertisement

Second, you need copy of what you are selling.

  • Usually provided by the merchant with the product or service
  • Can be composed by the affiliate (be an actual satisfied customer and give your spiel)

Third, you must bring the customer and the offer together

  • Based on some of the choices above, you might just send a link to everyone on your email list.
  • You may embed the offer in a post on your blog or in a guest post on other blogs or on Facebook.
  • You may offer an article to article sites that allow you embed an affiliate offer
  • You may create a one page website (or several pages) that include(s) the offer.
  • You may compose an ad for the offer and pay to advertise

These are the essential considerations you need to have in mind as you ponder the prospect of launching into affiliate marketing.