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Find Out The Various Uses of Natural Hemp Products

Today, people are made more aware than before of the impact of our activities and needs to the climate and how these could affect it. We are therefore to carefully balance our needs to that of our environment to reduce negative impact to our environment, and one thing of doing this is to use green products such as hemp.

Considered as one of the oldest industries on earth is hemp, similar to pottery which goes back to more than 1000 years. Very low in THC or cannabinoids, hemp is cannabis grown and is intended for industrial use. Today, hemp is used worldwide as ingredient in manufacturing clothing and in the use of cosmetics, paper, textiles, building materials, food, medicine, paint, detergent, varnish, oil, ink and fuel.

Take for example hemp oil with omega 3 and 6 contents, that can give all kinds of benefits to our body and its application can be directly on our skin. Researches have proven that because of the rich fatty acids and nutrients that hemp oil has in its contents, it can aid our body to heal naturally. In the field of cosmetics and body care products, hemp oil has become increasingly popular in use because of the oil’s ability to restore and moisten the skin.

In the UK alone, natural cosmetic products using hemp is making its way as a best seller product.

Hand protector is one product using hemp, placed in a tube that is ultra-stylish, that is non-intoxicating and is safe to use on our skin. Consumers of this hand protector product can attest that within hours, positive and visible effects on dry skin can be seen to transform into a moisture surface.

Another product using hemp is body butter, which because of the content of hemp which are fatty acids, the dead cells on our skin are replaced with good cells that help lock in the moisture of our skin. Hemp also contains shea butter and cocoa butter which are great to smooth skin and help scars or stretch marks to fade faster.

Any season can bring dryness to our skin, and another product that can help sooth your dry lips is the hemp lip conditioner which contains beeswax and enriched in hemp seed oil for moisturizer. Unlike other lip balms that stay on the rim of your cup, this hemp product gives protection to your lip even as your drink your coffee especially if you apply it two times a day.

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