How Is Affiliate Marketing Different From MLM

When comparing the difference between affiliate marketing and multi-level marketing we might as will use the similarities and differences as our structure for discussion.


People interested in affiliate marketing enjoy the fact they do not have to wait to develop their own product.

The same can be said for people interested in mlm.

People like affiliate marketing because of the “pre-packaging” of the product or service.

The same attraction for mlm lovers, the sense in which not only do you have a product at the ready, but even the introduction of the product and much of the marketable appeal has been sorted out for the sale.

Dissimilarities and Differences

Affiliate marketing most often, but not always, does not include an inventory of supplies.

If you make the right selection among mlm opportunities, you may be able to avoid inventory, but  not usually.

MLM is notorious for drop shipments to their affiliates, many times requiring an upfront layout of money even before the first sale.

With affiliate marketing, it’s more like make the sale, and get the payout. Not much inventory to speak of.

Recruiting is a must in mlm, or you don’t get much multi-level going on.

In affiliate marketing, if you are recruiting, it’s for additional independent affiliates to sell through your affiliate link, more like a partnership than a multi-level anything.

One of the quickest examples for me of the mlm industry is found in the mlm travel sector.

There’s no inventory, just the sale of membership or travel packages, all arranged online through a replicated portal through which affiliates make their sales of travel opportunities. is one of these mlm travel review sites that can quickly give you a comparison of over 30 different mlm travel business opportunities. The guy has been at it for a few years and really knows how to compare mlm offers.

Even in the midst of the fifty or so reviews the guy has to offer, he promotes an affiliate product.

He’s always droning on and on about how the travel mlm is made up of the same basic sources. There’s third party travel supplier that is in league with several travel companies that provide discounted travel in volume or in off-periods.

Basically, all travel conveyances over book and then have a few seats that could go for a lot less; all accommodations do the same thing, allowing reservations they know want be used, only to offer those same high priced accommodations at a lower price because getting a little something instead of nothing is always better.

He adds the fact that all these mlm travel places basically out source the concierge responsibility and simply build on their corporate mlm structure. They will sell a membership, then require recruitment in order to rank at a certain level, each level requiring a requalifying each month, and a sales volume for the individual, or the group that has been commonly enlisted, or both.

So in his eyes, mlm requires recruitment and affiliate marketing doesn’t. Bottom line, choose how you care to loose.

What Are the Six “Got-chas” to Watch Out For in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a phenomenal way to earn money on the internet (or anywhere else). The greatest advantage is that you don’t have to wait to produce a product. You simply promote the product someone else has already to sell.

Earning more by doing a lot less is a very common assumption about affiliate marketing. It can also be your “got-cha” point.

Gotcha #1
The first “got-cha” is thinking you don’t have to work very hard in affiliate marketing, all the hard work has been done in creating, manufacturing and packaging the product for purchase. Keep thinking that way and you’ll crash and burn in the affiliate market. Many have and many will.

Some merchants actually prey on the affiliate marketer who is trying to make a quick buck on an easy track. If you were to do a quick search engine question that goes something like “how to make money from home” or “make five figures a month for only two hours a day from home in your spare time” you’d be right in the thick of the “got-cha” grip.

Secret #1, any affiliate merchant you’re thinking about working with, just enter the merchant name, the product name and the word “scam” into a search engine question and take a read. You’ll find out a few things you need to stay alert about, but I wouldn’t let just those articles determine if I did it or not (liars lie in both directions; for and against). Read more

What’s Are The First Things I Need to Know about Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means you don’t have to create your own product in order to sell something and make money for selling right away. It’s the fastest way to the cash when considering how to make money on line.

There’s no question, having your own product and selling it provides much more income than selling someone else’s product. After all, they formed the product and put their blood, sweat, and tears into something you didn’t come up with at all. They should get the higher percentage.

But, they don’t always choose to do it that way. There are some merchants that give 100% of the sales price to the affiliate marketer (admittedly, these are usually low end prices of less than $20 per unit or service). When you get into bigger purchases like puts out, then 1/3 of the sales price could equal like 100 sales of a 100% commission in the lower end.

Why would they do that? Not hang on to any of the profit? Because they are going to upsell once the first purchase is made and the affiliate is getting that done because the affiliate is getting all the money upfront. Read more

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Can I Make Money?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is basically when you go to the trouble to tell other people about a product or service you do not own or provide.

The expected outcome is that those people will listen to you and purchase the item or service you’ve introduced to them.

The merchant who is selling product or service pays you for your effort to introduce these people to their product or service.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Merchants are wise enough to know that despite all their efforts the merchant doesn’t know everyone who might be interested in their product or service.

In fact some merchants don’t have a clue about marketing. Those merchants are highly dependent on someone else identifying, discovering, contacting and encouraging the public to purchase from the merchant. Read more

5 Characteristics For Successful Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is remaining a lucrative niche for many online marketers. In the early 2000’s there were several less than honest affiliate arrangements that put a real damper on the niche. But, today, much of that has changed. (Primarily because there are better software to protect both the merchant and the affiliate…tracking transactions both ways provides a verification method pleasing to both).

One of the primary draws to affiliate marketing is the independent posture most affiliate marketers can maintain. That sounds a bit unlikely given the fact that an affiliate is highly dependent upon the commodity being made available by someone other than the affiliate marketer. That would seem to afford nothing toward independence and everything toward co-dependence or complete domination by the merchant of the product. That’s just not so. Read more