Affiliate marketing is remaining a lucrative niche for many online marketers. In the early 2000’s there were several less than honest affiliate arrangements that put a real damper on the niche. But, today, much of that has changed. (Primarily because there are better software to protect both the merchant and the affiliate…tracking transactions both ways provides a verification method pleasing to both).

One of the primary draws to affiliate marketing is the independent posture most affiliate marketers can maintain. That sounds a bit unlikely given the fact that an affiliate is highly dependent upon the commodity being made available by someone other than the affiliate marketer. That would seem to afford nothing toward independence and everything toward co-dependence or complete domination by the merchant of the product. That’s just not so.

Just exactly what sort of characteristics does an really successful affiliate marketer possess?

  1. A Lifelong Student

Because the product is not your product, the affiliate marketer that has a real desire to learn the product thoroughly and comprehensively will demonstrate the highest authority position when compared to other competing marketers.

It is always a little off-putting when you are asked to review a product in a field you have no experience or interest to know. You must remain curious. You’ve got to want to learn even if you don’t want to personally experience the item.

It requires a curiosity of both the product, the manufacturer, and the end user. You must be willing to learn from others who know the product and you must be able to study the buy closely enough to know what needs they have, what solutions are possible, and why this product answers that particular set of needs in the lives of those particular buyers.

  1. A Manager of Time

The second characteristic of really successful affiliate marketers is the personal discipline of time management. Affiliate marketing is all about being first to the market with your offers. That requires a constant vigil of the products that are newly introduced and just as importantly, any new enhancements or improvements on long standing major market leaders.

There can be days and weeks between the production, marketing, availability and purchase of some products. That means lead time, lag time, and dead time can be interrupted with go-go-go time.

  1. An individual, self-starter than can also be a team player

It’s an unusual person that has both the individual enterprise to start before anyone else begins, and to work as a team player with those who lag behind.

As in sports, those who excel in individual sports like golf or tennis, don’t usually excel in team sports like basketball or football. The approach, the drive, the sense of place is completely different. Those who like to lead can very seldom also enjoy being led.

When you have to wait for someone else in the chain of marketing, like the manufacturer or the publications, or the art/advertisement copyist, or the launch process…any of those steps can cause a delay or a dependency that is not appreciated by a one-person dynamo.

However, the best affiliate marketers learn the pace and win the race.

  1. Never Say Die, Kind of Guy

There is no substitution for the sense of determination required by an affiliate marketer who really gets paid well.

Not all products are marketed the same way. Not all producers handle marketing the same way even if their products are in a similar niche.

Not all potential buyers behave the same way and at times a great variety of presentations are required to get the products purchased.

The waiting times are choking periods without oxygen. You feel like you can’t breathe. You can’t determine the problem and you want to give us. You think if you give up, there’s just one more step you can take that will be the break over point and the sales will just come cascading in.

You can’t ever say die…. it’s try, try, try.

  1. Optimistic About Realistic Matters

The fifth characteristic that will keep the real affiliate marketers ahead of all the other want-to-be marketers is the fountain of optimism the real ones always seem to have.

Optimism without a touch of realism is foolishness. It’s a pie-in-the-sky, Pollyanna style that says all things are better tomorrow; but then never requires tomorrow to give account for itself.

Always looking for what does work and not letting what doesn’t seem to work gain the upper hand. You’ve got to be willing to learn from your failures. It’s like knowing that you are going to get things right eventually.

It’s like knowing you will fail, and just counting the number of failures before success comes, never letting the failures mount so high as to be a fortified wall against your success. Failures become the ramp that you use to get the momentum you need to get you over the barriers to your success so that you rise to victory.

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Now, if you possess these characteristics or if you know you can develop such characteristics, you can make a lot of money at a very independent, self-paced, give yourself the raise you want, kind of life style.

Jump in, the affiliate marketing niche is good for you!

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